What is the Cobra Tire Tool and How Does it Work?

What it is...

The Cobra Tire Tool was developed to be the easiest bicycle tire tool in the world. Easier and Faster than the old standard of bicycle tire levers.

Designed with the novice in mind...

Unlike typical bicycle tire levers, you do not have to be a professional bike mechanic or have hands like a gorilla to remove a  bike tire from the rim. The Cobra Tire Tool has been described in the cycling world as "ingenious", and with it's unique design, allows anyone to quickly and easily dismount a tire for replacement or repair. This is a bicycle tire tool supreme!

Compact. Lightweight. Lifetime Warranty...

The Cobra Tire Tool weighs less than 0.5 oz and can easily fit into a cyclist's tool bag or jersey pocket and comes with a lifetime guarantee against breakage. 

The Cobra Tire Tool works on front and rear wheel sets

Quick How-To video demonstrating the bicycle tire tool. Produced by Batchelor Middle School students award winning BTVN program.

About Us

Cobra Tire Tool is The World's Fastest Bicycle Tire Tool.


Cobra Tire Tool


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